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TREKK’s transportation team focuses on improving safety, convenience and accessibility for all users.

We have experience on everything from interstate highways to rural roadways. TREKK has been involved in some of the most cutting-edge transportation solutions to date, including diverging diamond and diverge-about interchanges. Our experience on design-build projects provides insight on how to consider constructability issues during the entire design process, ultimately minimizing the cost of construction.

TREKK’s traffic engineers conduct impact studies and analyses that consider current and future capacity and effects on the traveling public. Using this expertise, we create signage, pavement marking and lighting plans, and develop safe and sensible traffic control plans. We design traffic signals and Intelligent Transportation Systems to ease congestion and help traffic move efficiently, even when volumes are at their peak.

But our transportation experience isn’t just limited to roadways. TREKK also has experience with railroad, transit and aviation projects. We have designed and constructed a number of shared use, bicycle trail and Safe Routes to School projects that meet ADA requirements and promote mobility for all users.


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