Because a project’s progress is often incumbent on the completion of survey and utility work, it is important that this work is done correctly the first time. TREKK’s surveyors provide precise, accurate and user-friendly survey data using the latest technology tools.

Our traditional survey team brings expertise in land and construction surveying, mapping, easements and exhibits, right-of-way and property research. In addition, we handle mapping for transportation, bridge, water, wastewater, stormwater and site development projects.

In 2018, we added Mobile LiDAR capabilities which allow us to safely gather survey-grade data without lane closures or traffic disruptions. Mobile LiDAR technology supports our clients’ scanning needs, including underground tunnel walks, deep shaft inspections and traditional surface scanning for transportation projects. The power of LiDAR has proven so beneficial to our clients that we added static LiDAR and SLAM technology to complement mobile scanning for indoor applications.

Our value-added utility coordination and locating service provides the assurance and accuracy of subsurface utility location prior to survey and design. This service helps reduce costs associated with misinformation, incomplete data and construction change orders. TREKK offers seamless coordination with One Call service and all local utility companies.


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