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Driven by innate curiosity, TREKK employs creativity and ingenuity to innovate solutions tailored to our clients’ challenges.

TREKK applies emerging technologies to every part of our workflow. Technology evolves out of a need to work smarter, faster and—most importantly—safer. The TREKK toolbox integrates our patented technologies and proprietary software to safely streamline combined solutions for above or below ground infrastructure.

So what’s in TREKK’s toolbox?

  • The subsurface applications of the TREKK360 Camera provide sewer condition assessment and extraction so informed decisions can be made at the desktop.

  • Powered by artificial intelligence, PreView is TREKK’s patent pending monitoring system. Seeing issues before they develop allows engineers and utility managers to deploy remedial measures before the environment and stakeholders are affected. PreView provides a quick and low-cost way to gather level and visual data in conjunction with existing technologies to proactively find and fix systems issues quicker than other technologies.

  • Above ground, semi-automated extraction applications identify and categorize asset inventory in GIS from our in-house mobile LiDAR data acquired while driving, walking or flying the site.

  • We use mounted cameras to collect traffic data and roadway volumes while keeping our staff safely out of the way of traffic, especially during peak periods.

At TREKK, we work smarter because our tools are smarter. Every day we’re finding new ways to help our clients work smarter, too.


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