What We Did at Daddy’s Work

What We Did at Daddy’s Work

On April 27, TREKK celebrated Take Your Child to Work Day. Thanks to our guest bloggers for sharing their experiences!


What we did at Daddy’s work. One day there lived two girls and one boy. One of the girls was named Emery, the other girl was named Johanna and the boy was daddy. First we went to look at the sewers and Alex went inside the building and put green dye in the toilet and flushed it also he turned on the sink. We looked at the smoke generator. Next we sole the drone. We went inside and Trent showed us around the offices and we saw the world’s biggest printer. Then we made candy bridges out of gum drops. It was fun. And when we were done with making our candy bridges, Trent showed us a real life bridge it awesome and it was also fun too.  — Emery Smith 


Today was a great day because it was bring your child to work day and it was so fun. First me and my little sister were a little shy, but we saw people we knew and talked and we were not shy anymore. Second we looked around the offices, made name tags and ate donut holes.  Trent told us what we were going to do. Third Lucas took us outside and showed us the sewer and he opened it and Alex went inside the building and flushed the toilet and added green dye in the toilet and turned on the faucet and we looked inside the sewer and we saw the green dyed water! It was gross and pretty cool.

Next we went over to the smoke generator. Tim pulled the pull cord and smoke came out of the storm sewer inlets, and it was stinky because the air was filled with smoke! Next Trent showed us a robot that was cool too. If we stood in front of the camera you could see yourself on a screen in the truck, it was so awesome. Sixth we saw the drone and Alex drove it around really high in the air and then Alex landed it. He was really good at flying it around and landing it.

Seventh we went inside dads work.  Finally.  That stuff was cool but also the weather was really cold too, Burr! Eighth I played hide and seek with some other kids at the place. It was fun but we only got to play for one round because we had to do the next thing. Ninth Trent showed us around the offices and showed us a really gigantic printer. Tenth he led us to Derek’s office and he showed us a 2D and a 3D bridge on his computer.

Eleventh we got to make gumdrop and tooth pick “bridges” and after we built them we tested them and saw how much they could hold. Me and Emery’s held almost 2 pounds but it flipped over and the books fell off.  I was disappointed. Twelfth we played more hide and seek and then we tried to improve our towers but we didn’t really test it again though.

Thirteenth Trent said that we were going to see a real bridge but I wanted to keep “improving” my bridge, so me and Emery stayed at the work. Emery went to dad’s office and colored on paper (of course). But I played 3D tic-tac-toe with Courtney then I looked around more and waited, waited, waited and waited. The pizza got here and I realized that we had extra name tags and said ”Hello my name is pepperoni” because the name tags said Hello my name is ______ .  Courtney said “Hey! That’s a great idea” so I wrote on name tags pepperoni, supreme, sausage and cheese.  We waited and waited some more. They were finally back from the bridge so we ate lunch. The pizza was so good! After we ate pizza we made our own “roads” and I put milk duds, chocolate pudding, crushed Oreo’s and chocolate chips in mine. It was so delicious and I can’t believe Emery didn’t eat all of hers. After that we played around and then we had to leave so I found Emery and we got our certificate and left.

Today I was mostly happy because it was bring your child to work day, but there were times when I wasn’t that happy like when Emery started taking apart the bridge and eating all the gumdrops! Another reason is when I had to leave I didn’t want to go but I also did because I wanted to see what we were going to be doing at moms work too. But I always love when this day comes! I am so excited when this day will come next year and I think this is a great place to work especially my dad because the people that work here are kind, hardworking and always willing to take a challenge that’s why me and my dad and even more people love TREKK!  –Johanna Smith


Thank you for giving us an opportunity to experience the life of an engineer. It was fun when we learned smoke testing, the tools to clean a manhole, mapping out the state of Missouri, and most of all eating are roads that we made. I also liked when we made are bridges. TREKK is a really fun place, and I love when we go there. We will see you again. Thank you! –Andsew Yibekal, 4th grade


Take your children to work day at TREKK was very fun. We did smoke testing. We also put green dye in the toilet and flushed it. We saw it flow through the sewer. We saw the leaves from the storm sewer being vacumed with a massive vacume. They controlled a robot. They said it goes down the manhole. They also flew a drone to see the smoke, after the smoke testing. We learned about the street light. We saw 2 projects that people were working on. They explained it to us. We located citys on a huge Mizzouri map. We built bridges with toothpicks and gummy dots. We walked on a trail and saw a real bridge. We ate pizza. We learned about the roads then we made our own road with desserts. Everything was very fun. –Aderajew Yibekal, 5th Grader

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