As more vehicles take to our roadways, the need for safe, accessible streets and highways is more important than ever. TREKK’s transportation engineers and technicians design creative, cost-effective solutions that improve roadway capacity and access and enhance safety for all travelers.

TREKK serves all transportation corridors, including roadway, rail and recreational facilities. We offer our clients comprehensive planning, design, utility coordination, public involvement and construction inspection services on projects ranging from local roads, to complex interstate highways and design-build projects, to high-speed rail and ADA-compliant pedestrian sidewalks and trails.

In addition, TREKK provides structural engineering services. Our structural engineers deliver bridge and retaining wall systems that are safe, strong and sustainable. TREKK’s structural team has experience designing new and rehabilitating existing structural systems. We also analyze and inspect existing structural systems to assess their integrity and promote public safety.

Our designs are rooted in a strong understanding of the various state and federal standards and procedures that govern roadway, railroad and pedestrian projects, as well as input from the traveling public itself.