Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines teamwork as “the work done by people who work together as a team to do something.”  At TREKK, teamwork is exhibited on a daily basis through collaboration and commitment to the clients we serve.  And it was never more evident than the accomplishments achieved by TREKK field crews and office staff over the past summer.

TREKK was tasked with smoke testing more than 2 million linear feet of sewer pipe in the Kansas City area – including local landmarks like the Country Club Plaza and University of Kansas Lawrence campus – in less than five months.  To complicate matters, a wet spring and early summer delayed the start of smoke testing by more than a month, making the schedule that much more difficult to achieve. Many people doubted that this could be accomplished by one firm and delivered on schedule and within budget.

But the TREKK team did not complain, ask for more time or make excuses.  Our team stepped up and everyone pitched in to complete the work on time and on budget.

It is truly awesome to be a part of this team, comprised of talented individuals working together for one common goal.

~ David Hamberlin

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