“Target Green” Project – Kansas City, MO

“Target Green” Project – Kansas City, MO

“Target Green” Project
Portion of Middle Blue River Basin, Kansas City, MO

The Water Services Department of the City of Kansas City, Missouri has committed to implementing a pilot project within a portion of the Middle Blue River Basin to determine the effects of widespread implementation of distributed storage utilizing green solutions and infiltration and inflow (I/I) rehabilitation on combined sewer overflows. The pilot project area was approximately 100 acres in size and tributary to a combined sewer Outfall. It was determined that green solutions and I/I rehabilitation in this area may eliminate the need for construction of storage facilities to reduce combined sewer overflows. TREKK performed the field investigation work for the pilot area (100 acres) along with investigation and inspection in a control area that encompassed an 86 acre area. Data collected by TREKK staff was a vital component required to properly assess the existing conditions and make needed recommendations in this nationally recognized project.

Nature of Firm’s Responsibility in Project
TREKK was responsible for conducting field reconnaissance efforts for the Pilot and Control areas. Work consisted of conducting field inspections of each manhole (157), main sewer line cleaning (18,850 ft), storm inlet cleaning (28), smoke testing (34,000 ft), service lateral CCTV (27), and mainline CCTV (30,000 ft). Pipes ranged in size from 6” thru 48”within the study area. All data collected was documented on field forms and entered into a database and provided to the City for future design phase services. Findings from the investigation where used to identify existing conditions and develop a system model. From this, recommendations were made for distributed storage utilizing green solutions. TREKK worked closely with the City’s Overflow Control Program (OCP) and City Staff to successfully complete this highly regarded project.


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