Sustainable Infrastructure

At TREKK, sustainability is part of our everyday practices and, more importantly, compliments our vision of providing holistic common sense solutions to the community. We believe that to improve lives, we must understand how all infrastructure is connected, and integrate this connection into a solution providing environmental quality, social equity and economic vitality.

We support using the Envision® rating system during project planning and design ( This process, developed through the partnership of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, is one tool to assess and promote sustainable infrastructure practices from the planning stages through construction, operations and maintenance, and deconstruction and decommissioning.

At TREKK, we recognize the value of incorporating sustainable practices from the planning stages of a project. We recommend completing the Envision® checklist tool during a project’s preliminary design/evaluation stage – we have found that even if Envision® credentialing is not pursued, the checklist tool assists the project team in considering and evaluating the sustainable implications of the project, as well as identifying sustainable opportunities. We currently have five Envision® Sustainability Professionals (ENV SP) on staff to assist with this analysis.