Subject: Info – Water Main Break

Subject: Info – Water Main Break

At TREKK, our mission is to improve lives in our communities every day. There is nothing better than when something in your personal life brings into perspective just how our work impacts our communities. Like when you open your inbox to this email from your child’s school, which also happens to be where your wife works, and see this message:

“Subject: Info-Water Main Break


We just wanted to let you know that there has been a break in the water main in front of the school.  Breakfast and lunch will be served and we have bottles of water for the children to drink and have arranged a plan for them to use the restrooms.  We are hoping this situation is resolved soon.  We will keep you posted.  Have a great day!! 

Thank you, 


This immediately put me into “I’m an Engineer and I’m going to save the day” mode. You see, I feel like our role in the engineering community is to collect relevant and important data for infrastructure that allows us to fix these problems before they happen. Proactively, not reactively. Spending the right amount of money in the right place, possibly a little more than we want to at times.

The whole day made me think of a recent project in which TREKK partnered with EnTech Engineering in St. Louis to detect leaks in a water system for a local community. By using infrared technology, our team detected 10 major leak locations in the water system, while only inspecting about a quarter of the entire system. By fixing these leaks, the inspections practically pay for themselves by stopping unbilled water from leaving the system.

The community’s public works director has said that they are 2 for 2 so far in what they have found. An example is below:

Fire Hydrant

TREKK has a reputation for being an expert in collection system asset management and I/I reduction. Our experience and approach, resources and partnerships make us experts in almost all types of public works infrastructure inspection and prioritization. We can apply this same engineering approach to water systems, stormwater systems and transportation networks to help save our clients money on asset renewal and also help them plan for the future.

Fast forward to the evening of the water main break. My 5-year-old daughter starts telling me the whole story about how the line broke, and there were guys working on a big machine, and the water was dirty. Needless to say, it opened the conversation up to me telling her about what TREKK does. Turns out asset management isn’t that hard of a topic to explain.

~ Brandon Freeman   Regional Office Manager/Project Manager



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