Like many of its peer cities, Memphis’ aging wastewater collection and transmission system had started to deteriorate, resulting in sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). To address those SSOs, the City entered into a 10-year Consent Decree to implement the Sewer Assessment and Rehabilitation Program, or SARP10.

Through a series of Sewer System Evaluation Surveys (SSES), TREKK’s sanitary sewer evaluation experts are helping the city meet one of its primary objectives – the removal of all debris from sanitary sewer pipes and the removal of illicit connections/defects that are allowing rainwater and groundwater into the system to help the system regain 95 percent of flow capacity.

TREKK’s field technicians safely conduct manhole inspections, CCTV inspection, sewer cleaning, smoke testing, GPS and map corrections, and data processing and quality assurance/quality control. Our GIS experts have pioneered new approaches to data collection and management, using mobile apps and cloud-based databases to streamline processing and ensure quality data.

Now in its sixth program phase, the city is seeing real reductions in SSOs, improved environmental conditions and a better understanding of its system.



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