Keep out the Rain KC Private I/I Program


The Keep Out the Rain KC Private I/I Program is a significant piece of the city’s larger Smart Sewer Program. The program’s goal is to reduce inflow and infiltration by performing evaluations of private property for improper plumbing connections, determining which are cost effective to correct, and coordinating the repair with a pre-qualified plumber at no cost to the homeowner.

Recognizing our leadership and expertise in private I/I programs, TREKK was instrumental in developing the city’s program and is a key member on all three Keep Out the Rain KC contracts. Our Private I/I Technicians work directly with homeowners, conducting building evaluations, inspecting plumbing systems and coordinating with plumbers to make the repairs. TREKK crews follow up by conducting the field inspections to make sure they are completed correctly and to the property owner’s satisfaction.


Public interaction, including a telephone hotline and neighborhood outreach events, is an important part of the voluntary program’s success. TREKK assists with the telephone hotline, answering questions and helping residents make appointments to have their property inspected at no cost to them.

TREKK has coordinated more than 20,000 building inspections thus far, identifying defects that are contributing excessive rainwater into the sanitary sewer system. Nearly 2,000 cost-effective private I/I sources have been identified and removed to date.



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