Combined and Sanitary Sewer System Evaluation Survey


The City of Omaha has committed to implementing a 25-year, $40 million program to eliminate combined sewer overflows throughout the city. Multiple projects to study, analyze and design solutions have been completed, and TREKK has been on every team to support the sewer investigations.

In 2014, the city selected TREKK to complete field reconnaissance in the Missouri River Sub-Basins. Located on the city’s east side, the sub-basin consists of 10 smaller basins with storm sewers, sanitary sewers and a number of combined sewers.

TREKK conducts sewer televising, manhole and inlet inspections, flow monitoring, smoke and dye testing, and data processing and delivery on a variety of assignments. We help the city with pilot projects, testing equipment and innovations to more efficiently assess its system. The city also trusts TREKK’s field technicians to handle emergency situations and challenging environments across its system.



  • Wastewater

  • Asset Management/GIS