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TREKK is one of only a few firms offering comprehensive services to evaluate, assess, diagnose, rehabilitate and design wastewater systems. Our Wastewater engineers and NASSCO-certified field technicians help communities understand the condition of their wastewater systems, prioritize improvements, and design practical solutions to address overflows, improve public health, eliminate higher treatment costs, and achieve regulatory compliance.

Our sewer surveillance experts conduct condition assessment inspections, smoke testing, flow monitoring and sewer cleaning and televising using the most advanced data collection and delivery methods.

TREKK specializes in delivering Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) abatement strategies that reduce flow and user sewer rates. We develop, implement and manage large scale I/I programs for both public and private sources, tailored to our clients’ specific collection systems. As a leader in private I/I remediation, TREKK brings a proven record in coordinating and implementing cost-effective I/I programs for communities across the Midwest.

We also provide sustainable design solutions to address deficiencies and improve capacity. This includes new and rehabilitated gravity sewers and force mains, diversion structures, stream and aerial crossings, and pump station and wastewater treatment facilities.


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