Let It Rain

Let It Rain

I left the office last night in a down pour. After facing drought conditions for much of the fall and winter, Missouri and Kansas were being treated to two weeks of nearly steady rainfall. Perfect flow monitoring weather.

As I navigated the puddles on Manchester Road, my mind was anticipating the excitement of reviewing flow meter data in the morning. I told myself not to connect to the meters, but to wait for the midnight data. Our team has been focused on improving the entire process of selecting meter sites, completing installations, downloading and performing maintenance, and – most importantly – reviewing data and making adjustments.

A number of thoughts raced through my head: How many structures surcharged and for how long? Did we lose data recording because of debris? Did we capture information that will help develop an accurate hydraulic model to ultimately prevent flooding and overflows? I should have had a camera in that location! How can anyone get this excited about a little water in a sewer?

When I pulled into the parking lot, I sent a text to my co-worker, Brandon Freeman, asking if he was as excited as I was – and he was! Because for us at TREKK, collecting good data is more than just a job. We’re passionate about helping our communities solve their flooding challenges and keeping our waterways clean. It’s one of the many ways we’re IMPROVING LIVES.

-Jeff Kaestner, Project Manager

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