Kansas City’s Smart Sewer Program is a 25-year, estimated $4.5 billion plan to address sewer overflows, improve water quality and meet the requirements of the City’s federal Consent Decree. It is the City’s largest infrastructure investment and the first federally approved Consent Decree to incorporate green solutions.

Through numerous I/I removal, neighborhood sewer rehabilitation, green solutions, and treatment facility renewal projects in both the combined and separated sewer areas, the City expects to capture or treat 88 percent of combined sewer flow and eliminate sanitary sewer overflows during a five-year rainfall event.

TREKK has performed field investigations, including manhole, cleaning and televising and visual inspections, smoke testing, flow monitoring, GIS data integration, processing, QA/QC and delivery, survey, and civil engineering design for dozens of projects as part of the program.

Much of our work to date has focused on system characterization and data collection activities. Key highlights include:

• System characterization and inspection of more

than 15,000 manholes

• Smoke testing of more than 2.7 million linear feet

of sewer, identifying more than 14,000 defects

• Cleaning and televising of more than 2 million

linear feet of sewer

• Installation of 200+ flow monitoring locations

TREKK is also a graduate of the City’s Smart Sewer University, which is a workforce development program for MBE/WBE/SLBE firms in Kansas City. 



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Construction Inspection