Survey Division Leader (Kansas City)

Full Time, Salary, Exempt

TREKK Purpose

At TREKK, we improve lives by providing direction to enable community and personal growth. As leaders we are integrated in our client’s communities, are connected to their problems, and provide direction and solutions that are personally and professionally fulfilling.

Our Culture

As a TREKK employee, you will work with TREKK staff, temporary staff and TREKK clients and communicate with the public. We expect you to conduct yourself in a professional manner, treat all people with respect, and embrace opportunities to IMPROVE LIVES. We also ask you seek out ways to enhance processes and work flow to maximize both efficiency and accuracy.

As a Survey Division Leader, we expect you to have a positive attitude, lead by example, demonstrate sound decision making skills, encourage great team work, inspire those around you and demonstrate a good stress tolerance. We want to see you embrace and immerse yourself in the TREKK culture. You set the tone and establish the work environment for those around you.

Our objective at TREKK is to assist you with this responsibility by providing you a culture where you can develop both personally and professionally. We want to see you grow your personal tool box. We will guide you as you continue your career by helping you determine your personal purpose and helping you align that with TREKK’s purpose of IMPROVING LIVES by providing direction to enable community and personal growth. You will be given the opportunity to work and develop your skills on a variety of different types of projects. 

Job Description

As the TREKK Survey Division Leader, you will be responsible for the entire survey division. This would include working with leadership to develop and implement the vision for the TREKK survey division, marketing, sales, fee proposal development, for managing our people resources who complete our survey work for the entire survey division. This is a position of leadership where your primary responsibility is to remove obstacles from the Survey Manager’s path to make them and the projects they work on successful.  You will supervise employees, assist with HR issues, review and approve timesheets, schedule all work assignments, coordinate all survey deliverables with the Project Managers and/or clients, and provide a level of QA for the field work data collected. 

You will need the technical ability to lead the entire division into the future realm of surveying. You will be asked to implement critical thinking and problem-solving skills. You may be asked to assist with presenting reports defining project progress, problems and solutions as required. You will be responsible for working with your team to help each member find their personal purpose at TREKK, and to help them align their personal purpose with TREKK’s purpose of IMPROVING LIVES. Occasional off-hour, evening/weekend work may be required.

Job Responsibilities

  • Create a united Survey Division where all locations work together to deliver to the needs of our clients.

  • Manage and oversee the daily operations, production and profitability of the Survey Division including Kansas City, Columbia and Omaha. Help grow service offerings and revenue for the Survey Division.

  • Lead the Survey Division by marketing services, building client relations, growing client base, implementing standardization and ensuring overall work product quality. 

  • Prepare fee proposals, scoping documents, perform project QA/QC and project management.

  • Understand how to leverage and utilize technology to evolve our survey practice to deliver to our clients needs, including LiDAR, BIM, static scanning and drone surveying (LiDAR and photogrammetric).

  • Promote and encourage the collaboration between office locations.

  • Check in with the Survey Managers and crews daily to verify production quantities verses project goals. Assist Survey Managers by making sure the crews understand what is expected on their current project.

  • Provide the crews with a safe work environment. Remove obstacles for your crews; they need to feel safe when they are doing their work.

  • Conduct site visits with the field crews. This will provide you the opportunity to perform QA on data collection methods, ensure that crews understand project requirements, ensure the crews are following S.A.F.E. procedures, look for potential roadblocks that can be removed and for mentoring opportunities. 

  • Coordinate with Responsible Associate on hiring new labor as workloads require it. This includes conducting the interviews and making recommendations for hiring. 

  • Coordinate discipline issues with your Responsible Associate and HR. You must remain professional and patient at all times.

  • Coordinate the training of new staff and the ongoing development of existing staff. Work with HR to maintain documentation of the training each employee receives.

  • Adhere to all safety procedures and TREKK policies/procedures and ensure that staff are following them. 

  • Maintain a 60% utilization rate.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Minimum Requirements: PLS, 10 years’ field experience, good interpersonal skills and demonstrate an understanding of the TREKK culture, including our Purpose and Vision.

  • Maintain satisfactory scores on the TREKK KPIs.

  • Must be able to work effectively in team situations and establish strong relationships with internal staff.

  • Computer skills and aptitude are required. Experience with AutoCAD, Civil 3D, MicroStation, TopoDOT, Terrasolid, Excel, Word, and Ajera is preferred.

To apply for this position, please email your resume and cover letter to Kelly Bass.

Melissa Evel