With portions of its sanitary sewer collection system experiencing surcharges and basement backups during wet weather, the City of Columbia turned to TREKK to help identify the I/I sources affecting its system. Together, we are taking a targeted approach to provide timely asset improvements.

Through a series of sanitary sewer evaluation studies, TREKK has conducted manhole and building inspections, smoke and dye testing, flow monitoring and hydraulic modeling, gathering condition assessment data to help the City prioritize rehabilitation work. Much of our assessment work is targeted in older areas of Columbia, including sensitive locations like downtown Columbia.

TREKK’s services have resulted in the development of prioritized rehabilitation programs and sewer separation opportunities. Through sewer lining, manhole rehabilitation and storm water disconnects, TREKK has documented I/I reductions of up to 70 percent in wet weather flow in selected basins through post metering. The city estimates that it will save more than $72 million in wet weather and relief sewer improvements.



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