When you hear a phrase like Improving Lives, what is the first thing that comes to mind? It might be lending a hand to a neighbor, helping out a friend in need, or treating people that you meet every day a little better. Here at TREKK Design Group, it means making the world better for everyone who is impacted by our project work. The idea that inspecting one manhole, smoke testing one sewer segment, cleaning and televising one sewer line, or conducting a survey for a new street design can Improve Lives can be difficult for some to wrap their head around. To me, this means that we are making the waterways of America cleaner and the streets we drive on safer. The basic daily functions of getting from point A to B safely in your vehicle, turning on the water faucet and getting clean water, or flushing your toilet and removing waste from your house are all things that people take for granted. These are also some key items that separate the United States from other countries that would love to have paved roads, clean water, and sanitation.

Each day that any TREKK employee comes to work, they have the unique opportunity to improve the world, serve communities, and live out our purpose of Improving Lives. In the Wastewater Department, we have the ability to stop sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) and combined sewer overflows (CSOs). An SSO is any un-permitted overflow of untreated sewage that discharges before it reaches the treatment facility. A CSO is any unpermitted overflow in a combined sewer system that reaches a waterway before it is treated. This includes situations such as sewage dumping directly into creeks, rivers, lakes and even basements. Try to convince me that you haven’t Improved Lives by stopping one building from having to deal with raw sewage backing up into their basement. Not to mention that any unpermitted overflow into any waterway will make its way downstream and eventually reach the ocean. That is making a difference for the entire planet!

As a civil engineering firm, TREKK Design Group and all of its employee accept the responsibility of Improving Lives of the residents in any municipality where we work. We appreciate the honor of being selected to complete any project and respectfully serve the community that we are going to improve. It is something that echoes throughout not only the office, but in the lives of all employees. Our goal is to improve the lives of our families, co-workers, and everyone we meet.  So when you think of TREKK Design Group, I hope that Improving Lives is the next thought that goes through your mind, because I promise you, that is what we are doing at that moment!

~ David Hamberlin

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