I’m here to help

I’m here to help

I began my career 37 years ago with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in the Poplar Bluff Regional Office. I stayed in Poplar Bluff seven months before transferring to the Springfield Regional Office, which is closer to my hometown of Osceola, Missouri. I started out primarily working in Solid Waste and a small amount of Industrial Wastewater. In Springfield, I primarily worked solid waste and a small fraction of Public Drinking Water, but soon moved into Water Pollution Control where I spent the bulk of my career.

As the often feared and, most of the time, misunderstood Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) inspector, I visited local facilities to document compliance through the inspection process with the Missouri Clean Water Law, Missouri Department of Natural Resources Regulations, and the facilities Missouri State Operating Permit (MSOP). I’d tell them, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help!” This line got me out of some heated issues and sometimes just brought a smile upon the face of the regulated community. While the inspection never felt like help to the facility, it was my intention to keep the facility out of trouble. If this was not done, it just created more work for everyone through potential enforcement actions.

Since coming to work for TREKK, I have been able to better live out the “I’m here to help” portion of that old statement. I have assisted communities in obtaining grant funds to evaluate their collection systems, reviewed draft MSOPs for comments, and helped a client implement an Industrial Pretreatment Program. The family atmosphere at TREKK has extended not only to the office, but to the clients that we serve. I am once again living out the “I’m here to help,” while also “Improving Lives!”

~ Greg Perkins


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