Green Infrastructure

While stormwater conversations typically start around flooding, green infrastructure design complements these traditional stormwater systems, addressing what is in the water and how it impacts the quality of the waterways in our communities.  Oil and grease from paved surfaces, lawn chemicals, sediment from construction sites, and trash are just a few of the pollutants that are found in stormwater runoff, especially during the most frequent rain events. These pollutants can interfere with fish and other wildlife, contaminate drinking water supplies, and discourage recreational use of our waterways.

Addressing stormwater runoff quality through the design and implementation of green infrastructure facilities, including permeable pavers, infiltration trenches, inlet filters, and stormwater street trees, help IMPROVE LIVES for future generations to continue to enjoy our waterways. TREKK has experience with the design of these and other Best Management Practices, as well as an understanding of the criteria required to meet LEED certification.