BENEFITS of a Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study:

“For every $1 we spend on private I&I we see over an $11 return on investment.” ~ Steve Meyer Director Environmental Services City of Springfield, MO

Finding and fixing problems in the sewer system ensures that the water that makes it to the treatment plant is actually wastewater that needs to be treated.  Finding and fixing problems does cost money.  However, once problems are found and fixed, maintenance costs and rates become stable.

By evaluating the sewer system, your treatment plant professionals are able to create a maintenance and repair schedule that is accurate, timely and cost effective.  A thorough evaluation identifies pipes that are in great shape, those that need minor repair, and those that are seriously damaged or disrupted.  With that information, your treatment professionals are able to prioritize repair and maintenance schedules; this saves time and money for everyone involved.

Performing a SSES creates safety for citizens and the environment by preventing sewer back-ups into homes and businesses, and sewer overflows into yards, streets, lakes and streams. As has been said, ‘There should be no clean water in the potty water!”  Making sure that clean groundwater, rain water and spring snow melt are staying out of the sewer pipes makes it much less likely that the sewer treatment system will become overwhelmed.

Your sewer treatment professionals also benefit from a SSES by being able to create accurate maintenance and repair schedules for your sewer treatment professionals. While we all understand that emergencies and unexpected deadlines can and do happen at work, we also know running into them constantly is frustrating, expensive and inefficient. Sewer treatment plants with accurate maintenance schedules and easily identified problems make life easier for our professionals and healthier for our community.